New Sand BluffWhen Jonas McCleary is hired as the only detective in the small, town of Sand Bluff, California, he thinks he’s found his dream job.  Tired of the routine and often ugly police work he had to suffer in the city and being a laid-back guy, Jonas is a happy camper.

After all, according to one old-timer, “Most excitement this here town ever seen was the day whenever that Elvis tour bus come through  here and had a flat and they fixed it at the Richfield station used to be over there.” Then after spitting out a thick wad of something dark brown, he added, “Everybody in town been runnin’ over to see Elvis and found out he already taken a plane to Las Vegas or someplace. This was just some of the band and such.”

Shortly, Jonas is to learn this tiny town wanted a detective was that detectives wear their street clothes and Sand Bluff wouldn’t have to provide uniforms. No matter.

Now that Jonas has found a job he’s going to like, his next step is to find Miss Right. After all, he ‘s approaching thirty and it’s time to think of settling down.

But the light in Jonas McCleary’s dreams dims when on his third day, a body is found out back of the BluLite Bar and Lounge.  Jonas hasn’t even had time to get acquainted with the locals and then before he can get started, Twyla Peters, Sand Bluff’s official hussy is found murdered.

Suddenly the job doesn’t seem so desirable,  but there could be one ray of light on the horizon — Jonas just may have found Miss Right.

Bad things can happen in small towns just as they do in the cities and Sand Bluff is no exception.  Jonas is going to have his hands full if he hopes to stay alive long enough to crack this befuddled case and keep his job.

From Cambridge Books and available at many outlets. Order your copy today and join Jonas McCleary as he goes on the hunt.

“…easy to read tale introducing Jonas McCleary…like having Jonas sitting by you in an easy chair, telling you just what happened.”

— Anne K. Edwards

“…one of fiction’s most likable detectives.”

— Orlando Gazette

“…great job here…well plotted. I loved the characters.”

— Marina Stevkoska

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