Can two dysfunctional young wannabe private eyes and an equally dysfunctional client stay alive long enough to solve a series of murders? It ain’t easy being an unlicensed, inexperienced pair of detectives (?) using a dilapidated alley garage for an office.


“Tape…holds the universe together.” — Oprah

“A who-done-it…done right!” —  K.  Nowinsky

“Detectives who solve the crime in a classic old-fashioned way. That’s why I loved this book.” — Chick Library Cat

Izzy (aka Isadore)  Brix has his heart set on becoming a private eye. Vero(nica) Carter is his goth, tattooed girlfriend. She isn’t really interested in the private eye business, but Izzy is using her father’s fall-apart garage for an office.

Vero is surprised to learn that Izzy has placed an ad in a Penny Saver. Both are surprised when an actual living client shows up.

Dema Wilson is just as dysfunctional as the wannabe detectives. Dema has an obsession with tape. Her handbag is stuffed with all sorts of tape in all sorts of colors. Dema can’t resist repairing anything at any opportunity with some of her tapes.

Dema’s grandfather has disappeared and she can’t find him anyplace.  While explaining this, Dema is busily taping up the torn places on the couch. She only has $200.

Izzy is thrilled and the hunt is on. Before this case is solved, the cops are angry at them for impersonating detectives. Vero’s father is angry at her and Izzy’s mother is angry at him. Worse yes, killer Shorty Thompson is on the loose, and all three nearly lose their lives, but some cheerful surprised come along to make all three happy as they manage to be pretty good detectives after all!

Proudly offered by Cambridge Books Get your copy today  Amazon and other outlets. It’s a fun read!


 “A fun read with smiles and shudders all tangled together.  Not to be missed.”

“This ain’t your Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. Izzy Brix is a detective for the twenty-first century!”


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