Another noir tale from the twisted  and tortured mind


C. M. Albrecht

Can drifter Hal Morrison find a way to deal with murder, menace—and Marta?

Hal wants a chance to improve his lot in life. The trouble begins when everybody else tries to make something of him, too. And they all have their personal agendas.

Shallow sexpot Ara wants to make him her lover…and use him.

Unattractive businesswoman Marta with her sweet smile and baby elephant legs wants to make him her husband. ..and boy toy.

Detectives want to lock Hal up…for murder.

And what the menacing but smooth-talking drug kingpin El Zurdo wants to do to Hal can’t be mentioned here…it’s even worse than that.

Hungry for intrigue and danger?

Come on in for a snack at Marta’s Place…but watch your step!


Order  Marta’s Place today at Amazon and elsewhere. You’ll be glad you did.




” You don’t want to mess with Marta…and for sure, you don’t want to mess with Ramón Gil aka El Zurdo!. Poor Hal gets himself mixed up in a lot more trouble than he ever bargained for. An engrossing read.”

“Impressive work of this new writer.”

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