If you love mysteries, detectives, and tales of dirty dealings, despite the fact that Le Merle Blanc is a spotlessly clean French restaurant, you’ll quickly see that you came to the right place. You might want to start by joining Chef Merle Blanc for lunch. Now, Chef Blanc isn’t really a detective. Chef Blanc is the chef-cum-owner. He has an exclusive top-level French restaurant in an American city.

When elderly millionaire Bernard Goldberg books the restaurant for his second marriage, Chef Blanc does his best to prepare for some forty guests. But hélas, just as dinner is being served, the groom falls from his chair in the throes of death. Accident? Natural death? Chef Blanc, he has the nose, and the nose, he smells murder. Police and coroner say the death was natural. So now, Chef Blanc’s problem is to keep some forty guests in the restaurant while he dons his apron, turns up the heat,  and cooks a killer’s goose.

Amazon has Deadly Reception on Kindle too!   Here’s what some actual readers say:  “…Surprises…from this very able storyteller. Enjoy. I sure did.” — Mary Emmons

“…all the makings for a weekly TV show.” — Trudi LoPreto  (Readers’ Choice)

“If Hercule Poirot could cook, he’d be Chef Merle Blanc,  or vice versa.”

And check out these other novels from  Cambridge Books:

Hail Mary

Hail Mary

When go-by-the-book Harry “Bulldog” Drummond dies, his free-spirited wife Mary, after some forty years of the Bulldog’s strict decorum, no longer has anyone to hold her back. (Don’t get this wrong: they knew they were soulmates the first time the Bulldog arrested Mary for indecent behavior!)

While two friends from elementary school jump in to help Mary through her grief, things begin to come apart. “Borrowing” her son’s car, Mary and the girls head for a tavern they once haunted. From there, it’s a little farther on to the nearly abandoned airport where the Bulldog kept his antique Stinson.

Before this adventure is over, the girls are nearly killed, but in the end, everything comes up roses…or something like that!



River Road

Someone raped and beat a teenage girl to death down by the river along the seldom-used River Road. And that’s only the first murder.

River Road

Homicide detective, Raf Rafferty and his pet cat Fido (who thinks he’s a dog) are assigned the case.  Raf flips houses in his spare time and the chief believes Raf isn’t giving 100% to his job. To complicate matters, Raf begins to fall for the victim’s elder sister. In the end, it not only takes Raf, the victim’s sister, and a seer but believe it or not, Fido, to solve this case. Between Fido and the seer’s crystal ball, they bring a vicious killer down for the count.

“One of the year’s best!”

“A cat for a homicide detective’s partner…and a so-called psychic (“Walk-Ins Welcome”) with a hefty crystal ball?

You’ll have to read “River Road” to believe it!”

“Raf Rafferty’s cat Fido (who thinks he’s a dog), may be one of the year’s best buddy tales. A fun read.”

“…a gripping murder mystery surrounding a young girl’s rape and murder.”— Susan Sewell




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