Death comes to dinner in this 

Deadly Reception


When millionaire Bernard Goldberg becomes a widower, he rekindles a friendship with Veda “Rosie” Prentiss,  a woman who, like Goldberg, is alone now. Soon, to the dismay of their grown children, the elderly couple decide to marry.

Rumors, fear and greed drive the children of both families. Goldberg’s family thinks Rosie will cut them out of their inheritance. Rosie’s children resent Goldberg and all intimidating, overriding businessmen like him. 

Some of his long-time employees despise him, believing he’s going to sell the company and thus deprive them of their jobs. 

Although honest, Goldberg has always been something of a rough player in the field of business. 

French Restaurant Exterior

When Rosie suggests an upscale French restaurant for their wedding and reception, Goldberg agrees. Once everything is in place, the group with some forty guests rent the restaurant for the day.

Chef Merle Blanc is always happy to serve the best, and there is also a great deal of money coming from the reception. the chef and his brigade do themselves proud.

Happy French Chef

But just as the luncheon begins, Goldberg takes only a bite or two and collapses onto the carpet dead!

His own personal physician is a guest and pronounces Goldberg dead. 

Skull and bones

However, Chef Blanc, he has the famous nose, and the nose, he smells murder!  Chef Blanc calls the police. But the medical examiner agrees, that pending his autopsy.  Chef Blanc however, insists Bernard Goldberg has been murdered. Hélàs, the murder, he is bad enough, but that anyone could be so callous as to commit the murder during this special occasion, ah! Chef Blanc has put a great deal of work into this event. This will possibly help bring a thriving trade to his relatively new establishment. Worse a television production company is trying to put together a show featuring the chef. 

But now…Well, while there is little to do about the murder, at least Chef Blanc can step in where others fail to do so. He will solve this heinous crime. 

But can Chef Blanc hold cook a killer’s goose before closing time? 

“…the author’s plot…like busy spiders spinning complex webs.” —Mary Cox-Pac

” A fun read with lots of red herrings and false trails.” — Anne K. Edwards

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The Deputy

An escaped convict unknowingly takes refuge on a small farm. A perfect hideout. What he doesn’t know is that the farm is owned by a deputy sheriff. 

In this dark tale, everybody has an agenda.  the fugitive has his agenda, but he’s not alone. The sheriff has an agenda, the sheriff’s wife has an agenda. In fact, just about everybody in the small town of Ashley has an agenda…and some pretty dark secrets as well.

Add to that,  a gang of professional bank robbers, multiple counts of treachery and sooner or later, things have to come to a head….and they do!

Stolen Money

“Action aplenty. As always, C. M. Albrecht writes well and vividly…this one is a real page-turner. You won’t be able to put it down.” — Arline Chase, “The Ghost Dancer” and others.

The author’s plot…like busy spiders spinning complex webs. — Mary Cox-Pac

“A good old-fashioned novel of intrigue and murder.” — Wm. Paxton

“Unforced and witty. A dark novel that holds the reader in its grip.”  — Michelle Stanley (Readers’ Favorite)

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