If you love mysteries, detectives, and tales of dirty dealings, despite the fact that Le Merle Blanc is a spotlessly clean French restaurant, you’ll quickly see that you came to the right place. You might want to start by joining Chef Merle Blanc for lunch. Now, Chef Blanc isn’t really a detective. Chef Blanc is the chef-cum-owner. He has an exclusive top-level French restaurant in an American city.

When elderly millionaire Bernard Goldberg books the restaurant for his second marriage, Chef Blanc does his best to prepare for some forty guests. But hélas, just as dinner is being served, the groom falls from his chair in the throes of death. Accident? Natural death? Chef Blanc, he has the nose, and the nose, he smells murder. Police and coroner say the death was natural. So now, Chef Blanc’s problem is to keep some forty guests in the restaurant while he dons his apron, turns up the heat,  and cooks a killer’s goose.

Amazon has Deadly Reception on Kindle too!   Here’s what some actual readers say:  “…Surprises…from this very able storyteller. Enjoy. I sure did.” — Mary Emmons

“…all the makings for a weekly TV show.” — Trudi LoPreto  (Readers’ Choice)

“If Hercule Poirot could cook, he’d be Chef Merle Blanc,  or vice versa.”

And check out these other novels from  Cambridge Books:

Hail Mary

Hail Mary

When go-by-the-book Harry “Bulldog” Drummond dies, his free-spirited wife Mary, after some forty years of the Bulldog’s strict decorum, no longer has anyone to hold her back. (Don’t get this wrong: they knew they were soulmates the first time the Bulldog arrested Mary for indecent behavior!)

While two friends from elementary school jump in to help Mary through her grief, things begin to come apart. “Borrowing” her son’s car, Mary and the girls head for a tavern they once haunted. From there, it’s a little farther on to the nearly abandoned airport where the Bulldog kept his antique Stinson.

Before this adventure is over, the girls are nearly killed, but in the end, everything comes up roses…or something like that!



River Road

Someone raped and beat a teenage girl to death down by the river along the seldom-used River Road. And that’s only the first murder.

River Road

Homicide detective, Raf Rafferty and his pet cat Fido (who thinks he’s a dog) are assigned the case.  Raf flips houses in his spare time and the chief believes Raf isn’t giving 100% to his job. To complicate matters, Raf begins to fall for the victim’s elder sister. In the end, it not only takes Raf, the victim’s sister, and a seer but believe it or not, Fido, to solve this case. Between Fido and the seer’s crystal ball, they bring a vicious killer down for the count.

“One of the year’s best!”

“A cat for a homicide detective’s partner…and a so-called psychic (“Walk-Ins Welcome”) with a hefty crystal ball?

You’ll have to read “River Road” to believe it!”

“Raf Rafferty’s cat Fido (who thinks he’s a dog), may be one of the year’s best buddy tales. A fun read.”

“…a gripping murder mystery surrounding a young girl’s rape and murder.”— Susan Sewell




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The DeputyWhen  Willis Knapp, Jr. with a sentence of life behind bars escapes, he hides out on a small farm with a pretty woman. Little does Willis know that the farm belongs to Deputy Sheriff Wayne Terwilliger, and the pretty woman is the sheriff’s wife.

It can’t take long for the sparks to fly!

“…a riveting and well-developed book.”— Michelle Stanley

How many lives become entwined in this tale that can only be untangled by the flames of ego, greed, selfishness, death, and treachery?

“Human nature is much the same in a village as anywhere else, only one has
opportunities and leisure for seeing it at closer quarters.” — Jane Marple

Another great read from Cambridge Books! Order your copy today. Amazon has both print and e-books.





New Sand BluffWhen Jonas McCleary is hired as the only detective in the small, town of Sand Bluff, California, he thinks he’s found his dream job.  Tired of the routine and often ugly police work he had to suffer in the city and being a laid-back guy, Jonas is a happy camper.

After all, according to one old-timer, “Most excitement this here town ever seen was the day whenever that Elvis tour bus come through  here and had a flat and they fixed it at the Richfield station used to be over there.” Then after spitting out a thick wad of something dark brown, he added, “Everybody in town been runnin’ over to see Elvis and found out he already taken a plane to Las Vegas or someplace. This was just some of the band and such.”

Shortly, Jonas is to learn this tiny town wanted a detective was that detectives wear their street clothes and Sand Bluff wouldn’t have to provide uniforms. No matter.

Now that Jonas has found a job he’s going to like, his next step is to find Miss Right. After all, he ‘s approaching thirty and it’s time to think of settling down.

But the light in Jonas McCleary’s dreams dims when on his third day, a body is found out back of the BluLite Bar and Lounge.  Jonas hasn’t even had time to get acquainted with the locals and then before he can get started, Twyla Peters, Sand Bluff’s official hussy is found murdered.

Suddenly the job doesn’t seem so desirable,  but there could be one ray of light on the horizon — Jonas just may have found Miss Right.

Bad things can happen in small towns just as they do in the cities and Sand Bluff is no exception.  Jonas is going to have his hands full if he hopes to stay alive long enough to crack this befuddled case and keep his job.

From Cambridge Books and available at many outlets. Order your copy today and join Jonas McCleary as he goes on the hunt.

“…easy to read tale introducing Jonas McCleary…like having Jonas sitting by you in an easy chair, telling you just what happened.”

— Anne K. Edwards

“…one of fiction’s most likable detectives.”

— Orlando Gazette

“…great job here…well plotted. I loved the characters.”

— Marina Stevkoska

The Little Mornings (2)

If you like to walk down dark and mysterious alleys where there is no hope of escape from the destiny you create for yourself, then “The Little Mornings” is the book for you.

Darcy Lemarsh is a hapless loser. A drifter who takes any job he can get just to survive. In “The Little Mornings” he’s working as a so-so painter for a small-time contractor.

Evenings he sometimes drops in at an all-night joint called The Owl.  That’s when he meets this waitress, Angie. Now Angie may be hotter than a stolen Ferrari, but upstairs there’s something twisted, although it a while for that to sink into Darcy’s brain.

Through Angie, he meets her drunken once distinguished grandfather, Professor Jason Berry. Shortly, they learn the old-timer has retrieved one of some five novels he wrote twenty years earlier and submitted one to a New York publisher. They love it and think it’ll be a best-seller. One problem.  The contract signed by the professor requires him to go on a national promotional tour.

Hey, this guy can’t make it to the bathroom. He uses the empty wine jugs that clutter his room amid his books and papers. But he has a plan. He knows Darcy has a good memory. If they get Darcy some good clothes and a good haircut and he teaches Darcy a few pithy “author” answers to the usual questions, Darcy can take his place and no one will know or care. And at first, this appears to be working, but…

In San Francisco, Arthur Haviland shows up claiming that he’s the real author of “The Little Mornings”.  Shortly he convinces Darcy that he’s truthful, and later, Angie insists Arthur has to go. After all, three author claiming rights to the same book doesn’t sound promising.

That’s when things go from bad to very bad to tragic in this tale of deception, hallucination, greed, and fear.

“The Little Mornings, by C M Albrecht is a murder mystery with 287 absolutely absorbing pages. We have three main characters here – the grandfather, an alcoholic of questionable character, a slightly off balance woman (Angie) and an impressionable young man (Darcy) who becomes mixed up in a whirlwind of events. So be warned, readers, this book may very well take you out of commission for a few days. ” — Lillian Brummet

 I was very surprised by the outcome and loved the way the author kept my attention with the many twists he included. His writing puts one at ease, and the story is great.

“I was very surprised by the outcome and loved the way the author kept my attention with the many twists he included. His writing puts one at ease, and the story is great.” —  Michelle Stanley

“The Little Mornings” is the author’s breakout novel in the reading public’s renewed interest in noir fiction.  Without copying, Mr. Albrecht nevertheless manages to evoke the style of yesteryear in such novels as “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” “The Maltese Falcon”, and works of Cornell Woolrich, Raymond Chandler and so many others.  From Cambridge Books and available as a KIndle book, ebook, large soft cover as well in many outlets. Order your copy today!



Can two dysfunctional young wannabe private eyes and an equally dysfunctional client stay alive long enough to solve a series of murders? It ain’t easy being an unlicensed, inexperienced pair of detectives (?) using a dilapidated alley garage for an office.


“Tape…holds the universe together.” — Oprah

“A who-done-it…done right!” —  K.  Nowinsky

“Detectives who solve the crime in a classic old-fashioned way. That’s why I loved this book.” — Chick Library Cat

Izzy (aka Isadore)  Brix has his heart set on becoming a private eye. Vero(nica) Carter is his goth, tattooed girlfriend. She isn’t really interested in the private eye business, but Izzy is using her father’s fall-apart garage for an office.

Vero is surprised to learn that Izzy has placed an ad in a Penny Saver. Both are surprised when an actual living client shows up.

Dema Wilson is just as dysfunctional as the wannabe detectives. Dema has an obsession with tape. Her handbag is stuffed with all sorts of tape in all sorts of colors. Dema can’t resist repairing anything at any opportunity with some of her tapes.

Dema’s grandfather has disappeared and she can’t find him anyplace.  While explaining this, Dema is busily taping up the torn places on the couch. She only has $200.

Izzy is thrilled and the hunt is on. Before this case is solved, the cops are angry at them for impersonating detectives. Vero’s father is angry at her and Izzy’s mother is angry at him. Worse yes, killer Shorty Thompson is on the loose, and all three nearly lose their lives, but some cheerful surprised come along to make all three happy as they manage to be pretty good detectives after all!

Proudly offered by Cambridge Books Get your copy today  Amazon and other outlets. It’s a fun read!


 “A fun read with smiles and shudders all tangled together.  Not to be missed.”

“This ain’t your Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. Izzy Brix is a detective for the twenty-first century!”


Another noir tale from the twisted  and tortured mind


C. M. Albrecht

Can drifter Hal Morrison find a way to deal with murder, menace—and Marta?

Hal wants a chance to improve his lot in life. The trouble begins when everybody else tries to make something of him, too. And they all have their personal agendas.

Shallow sexpot Ara wants to make him her lover…and use him.

Unattractive businesswoman Marta with her sweet smile and baby elephant legs wants to make him her husband. ..and boy toy.

Detectives want to lock Hal up…for murder.

And what the menacing but smooth-talking drug kingpin El Zurdo wants to do to Hal can’t be mentioned here…it’s even worse than that.

Hungry for intrigue and danger?

Come on in for a snack at Marta’s Place…but watch your step!


Order  Marta’s Place today at Amazon and elsewhere. You’ll be glad you did.




” You don’t want to mess with Marta…and for sure, you don’t want to mess with Ramón Gil aka El Zurdo!. Poor Hal gets himself mixed up in a lot more trouble than he ever bargained for. An engrossing read.”

“Impressive work of this new writer.”

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